Catholic Daily Liturgical Guide 10.11.2023

ROMANS 15: 14 – 21

I myself am satisfied about you, my brethren, that you yourselves are full of goodness, filled with all knowledge, and able to instruct one another. But on some points I have written to you very boldly by way of reminder, because of the grace given me by God to be a minister of Christ Jesus to the Gentiles in the priestly service of the gospel of God, so that the offering of the Gentiles may be acceptable, sanctified by the Holy Spirit. In Christ Jesus, then, I have reason to be proud of in my work for God. For I will not venture to speak of anything except what Christ has wrought through me to win obedience from the Gentiles, by word and deed, by the power of signs and wonders, by the power of the Holy Spirit, so that from Jerusalem and as far round as Illyricum I have fully preached the gospel of Christ, thus making it my ambition to preach the gospel, not where Christ has already been named, lest I build on another manโ€™s foundation, but as it is written, โ€œThey shall see who have never been told of him, and they shall understand who have never heard of him.

The Word of the Lord.

Psalm 98: 1, 2 – 3ab, 3cd – 4 (R.) 2b.

R/. The Lord has shown his deliverance to the nations.

O sing a new song to the Lord,
For he has worked wonders.
His right hand and his holy
Arm have brought salvation. R/.

The Lord has made known his salvation,
Has shown his deliverance to the nations.
He has remembered his merciful love and
His truth for the house of Israel. R/.

All the ends of the earth have
Seen the salvation of our God.
Shout to the Lord, all the earth;
Break forth into joyous song,
And sing out your praise. R/.

1st John 2: 5

Whoever keeps Christโ€™s word, in him truly love for God is perfected.

Sons of this world are wiser in their own generation than the sons of light.
LUKE 16: 1 – 8

At that time: Jesus said to the disciples, โ€œThere was a rich man who had a steward, and charges were brought to him that this man was wasting his goods. And he called him and said to him, โ€˜What is this that I hear about you? Turn in the account of your stewardship, for you can no longer be steward.โ€™ โ€œAnd the steward said to himself, โ€˜What shall I do, since my master is taking the stewardship away from me? I am not strong enough to dig, and I am ashamed to beg. I have decided what to do, so that people may receive me into their houses when I am put out of the stewardship.โ€™ So, summoning his masterโ€™s debtors one by one, he said to the first, โ€˜How much do you owe my master?โ€™ โ€œHe said, โ€˜A hundred measures of oil.โ€™ โ€œAnd he said to him, โ€˜Take your bill, and sit down quickly and write fifty.โ€™ โ€œThen he said to another, โ€˜And how much do you owe?โ€™ โ€œHe said, โ€˜A hundred measures of wheat.โ€™ โ€œHe said to him, โ€˜Take your bill, and write eighty. โ€™ โ€œThe master commended the dishonest steward for his prudence; for the sons of this world are wiser in their own generation than the sons of light.โ€

The Gospel of the Lord.
GOSPEL REFLECTION: Stewards of Earthly Riches
November 10, 2023

Jesus said to his disciples, โ€œA rich man had a steward who was reported to him for squandering his property. He summoned him and said, โ€˜What is this I hear about you? Prepare a full account of your stewardship, because you can no longer be my steward.โ€™โ€ (Luke 16:1โ€“2)

There is much to ponder in this parable and many lessons from which we can learn. To begin, the rich man should be understood as God and you as the steward. This is an important first lesson to learn because it reveals to us that, when it comes to material things in this world, God is the true owner of allโ€”we are only stewards. Think about that carefully. When it comes to all that you own, all your money and possessions, do you hold on to it as if you were the complete master of these material items? Clearly most people do think this way. They may work hard to earn a living, save and buy this and that, build up their bank accounts, and then remain very attached to these material things, seeing them as โ€œmineโ€ rather than as Godโ€™s. So the first very challenging lesson we should look at is that all we โ€œownโ€ is actually the possession of God. He only permits us to be stewards of the things of this world. Do you believe that?

As stewards, we must be committed to use the riches within our stewardship only in the way that God wants it used. In this parable, the steward was reported to the rich man for โ€œsquandering his property.โ€ We also are guilty of squandering the possessions of God when we use money in accord with our own will and desires rather than those of Godโ€™s. This is an exceptionally common tendency, especially for those who have become the stewards of much money. Therefore, the more money that one has stewardship over, the more they will be tempted to squander it, meaning, use it for selfish purposes rather than for the glory of God in accord with His will. This is a hard teaching to accept and live. But these truths are indeed revealed to us by this parable, so it is essential that we listen.

The words spoken by the rich man, โ€œPrepare a full account of your stewardship,โ€ are words that we must all anticipate hearing one day. If that day were today, what would that โ€œfull account of your stewardshipโ€ look like? Have you worked hard for selfish gain? Or have you worked hard to act with great responsibility over the things God has entrusted to your care?

As the parable continues, we read that the steward acted โ€œprudentlyโ€ in that he devised a plan to make sure his material needs were met once he lost his position as steward. The โ€œprudence,โ€ however, that is spoken of here is a reference to the worldly, and therefore, evil ingenuity, cleverness, hard work and commitment many people have regarding the material wealth they seek to obtain in this world. Though it is good to be diligent and hardworking in life, too often this is done for the purpose of selfish gain. Just imagine if everyone who worked so hard at getting rich put even more effort into building up the Kingdom of God on earth! How different this world would be if we had so many hard workers for Godโ€™s mission.

Reflect, today, upon the simple truth that when it comes to the riches of this world, you are only the steward of what you possess, not its master. God wants you free from the attachment to material wealth so that you will be free to use all that you have for His glory and in accord with His purpose. That does not mean that you must donate all you have to charities. Instead, it means that you continually offer all that you have to God and seek to use it in accord with His will and His will alone. If that means you discern that God wants you to buy something new, then buy something new. If that means giving more away, then give more away. If that means living more simply as a holy sacrifice, then do just that. Money cannot buy happiness. Only embracing Godโ€™s will to the fullest will result in the happiness and fulfillment you deeply desire.

My Lord of all riches, You and You alone are the Master of all things created. All that I have and possess are Yours, dear Lord. Help me to believe this and to live my life purely as a steward of the possessions I have. Free me from squandering that which You have entrusted to my care. May I use all for Your glory and only in accord with Your holy will. Jesus, I trust in You.

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