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Caretaker blackmails women for business space

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Caretaker blackmails women for business space


Attention this way as Shakespeare would say, it’s another week again, and I am sure everyone was waiting for that day when you sit back, relax and read your favourite column in the comfort of your home.
I am talking of the most popular Hoth On The Heels. Yes, it has become so well-known that everyone feels like something is missing in his or her life if they can’t find it in the paper. Well, you all know where I stay but I will always beat my drum.
I am so proud of the gumtrees that whenever I hear that Nigerian proverb that says ‘If a lizard falls from a tall tree it will praise itself if no one did’, I feel it resonates quite well what I think when I think of my place.
So, last week I was talking about this former minister of lies who thinks he is very smart after swindling civil servants of their hard-earned cash and buying those second-hand Hammer. I heard he shot a rival over a girlfriend. Asi iwe kan une Energy yakadaro wakaregerei kushandiso maoko.
Well, that’s a story for another day. As for now let’s drift back to our beautiful town. Ehee ka munozviziva wani kuti semazuva ese Masvingo intungamirira vamwe vachitevera. So, I heard somewhere in town the landlord changed the caretaker and the new one hanzi madzimai anzwa nekutsotswa zvinhu zvawo.
Hanzi man vane sweet tongue that even the singer Chris Martins would drool with envy if he hears his punchlines. Hanzi so recently he has lost that charm and he is now arm-twisting and blackmailing women at that complex threatening to throw them out if they dare turn down his advances.
Hanzi mai Admire vakatoramba murume and has taken all her wares vakanovigisa mumaraini umo. But mukoma martins musadaro imi. I am disappointed with the way you are handling your things. Asi zvinoitawo here veduwee?

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