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Callous manslaughter in Mberengwa; 3 brothers arrested

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Callous manslaughter in Mberengwa; 3 brothers arrested




MBERENGWA – An alleged murder case brought to Mberengwa Magistrate Court on Tuesday is chilling for its meticulous planning, implementation and callous execution.

The accused followed their victim from a bar to his homestead, surrounded the house and one of them gained entry through a window. He then opened the door to allow others to enter. Armed with axes and knives, they bludgeoned their victim to death. They ripped his stomach open and crushed his head with the axe before escaping.

Experts said such kind of murder can only be carried out by people who abuse drugs.

Three brothers from Zvidozvevanhu Village, Chief Bvute appeared before Magistrate Charity Tonongera facing two charges of murder and attempted murder. They are Simon Blessed Banda (26), Confidence Banda (24) and Life Banda (16).

They were remanded in custody to January 16, 2022 and the minor was remanded out of custody to the same date.

Prosecuter Ali Mutause said on December 17, 2022 the three accused and two others on the run were drinking beer at U bar, Homestead Business Centre, Mberengwa. An altercation arose between Tafadzwa Goka who is at large and the now deceased Christopher Zhou who asked Goka to buy him beer and cigarettes. Two brothers, Simon and Confidence joined in the altercation hitting the now deceased with empty beer bottles on the head. Zhou escaped and went home.

The accused left the bar, armed themselves with two okapi knives, torches, an axe handle and followed Zhou and his colleague Decent Moyo to their place. They surrounded Zhou’s homestead, Life Banda gained entry through a window and opened the door for his accomplices. 

Simon and Livenice Sindura who is at large allegedly stabbed the deceased with their okapi knives on both sides of the stomach. Simon went on to hit him once on the head with an axe handle and Life hit him several times on the head using a pot. Zhou sustained serious injuries and died on the spot. Simon then stabbed Moyo once on the left thigh and he sustained stab wounds.

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