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Businessman Musekiwa donates to Catholic church

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Businessman Musekiwa donates to Catholic church



KWEKWE – Prominent Kwekwe businessman, Temba Musekiwa has donated 150 bags of cement and money towards the building of the Roman Catholic Church’s St Gabriel Parish to decongest St Barnabas parish in Mbizo, Kwekwe.
Musekiwa who is a member of the Church of Christ Church made the donation during a mock roora held at St Barnabas parish on Sunday. He was the guest of honor.
Roman Catholic Church Gweru Diocese head, Bishop Rudolph Nyandoro also graced the fundraising event.
Musekiwa owns a number of business entities in Kwekwe including service stations.
Other businesspersons who attended the fundraiser include … Mukewa, Peter Gore and Halsteds brothers.
Musekiwa told The Mirror that he feels honored to support the community he trades from and he encouraged the Parish to keep on having fundraising activities.
“It is always good to support the community you live and trade in so that is why I came here to support this brilliant initiative. They are doing a great job and I encourage the parish to keep doing fundraising events of this nature to raise funds for building another church to decongest this parish,” said Musekiwa.
Bishop Nyandoro commended the unity of purpose and said it shows that the church works harmoniously with other churches.
“I must commend the unity of purpose and good relations that have been displayed here. It shows that indeed you are extending the space of your tent, you have been supported by the community beyond our church and you must keep on doing that,” said Bishop Nyandoro. Vice Secretary of the parish’s fundraising committee, Morris Chinwada said the event was a success.
“The event came out exactly the way we wanted it because we have managed to attract the business community’s support and I am sure that we have managed to reach our targeted figure of US$6000.
“My sincere gratitude goes to Mr Musekiwa for his tremendous support, Mrs. Mukewa who also extended her hand and other business people like Mr Peter Gore who promised to support us and the Halsted brothers,” said Chinwada.

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