Businessman found in bed with his daughter, bashed by boyfriend

Welcome to the installment of this week and I hope everyone is enjoying our good read. Warning this article is rated PG Parental Guidance is advised. VSL (Violence, Sex, and Language) I know that some of you are already sipping the wise waters. I have a question hangu. Should we call them wise waters or stupid waters?
Well, I say so because these waters have made many men soft in the head, wobva vati pfee pafunction being assisted by their aides. Some are made stupid that they forget that one cannot seat in the shade and bask in the sunshine at the same time. Some even see God wearing a cap, while others begin to love the coolness of mortuary bays. But for the why God? Why did you punish us more than the Israelites?
Speaking of the suffering in the country reminds me of those visiting the Sangomas trying to juice up their fortunes or trying to be hot spotted with riches. I don’t know why everybody wants to die rich, with diamonds, expensive champagne, a new plane. They always work down that list. It’s a trend but let me warn you, my brother or my sister.
You can stack up the riches, pack them up in a big bag, or a big truck. I know we try, everybody else tries to fit into that ditch. But God or Gad, whichever pronunciation you prefer depending on which type of church you attend, has made sure that you can’t take the riches with you when you die. I am happy that he made us equal when we breathe our last because I have never seen a hearse with a trailer hitch.
So, it’s not about the type of car you drive or the amount of gold and diamond you’re piling up, but kuti Kufa kufa chete. Saka isu hedu vana HOTH tiri kumaGumtree kwedu we feel that the less we have to worry about the more time we have got for smiling.
So there is this businessman who is into transport. Ivo wadhala emazimota emubhedha mukati awa. The guy grew up in a family with limited resources and married a beautiful woman who was so demanding. This forced the guy to approach those who can throw bones, fall in a trance, utter incomprehensible and inaudible words, and dish out a concoction.
You have to pay an arm and a leg of course before you are given complicated and scary instructions ranging from collecting people’s private parts, brains or sleeping with your close relatives including your mother or daughter. So Skimbo let’s call him that because ndoveMvuto mumabhurugwa vaye. Uyu wekupinza Shacman six three months ago. Hooo hamusati mamuziva. It’s Mr. Skimbo Lion.
Kkkkk so Mr. Lion or Lyaan whatever you want to call him is sleeping with his daughter. The daughter is bragging in town kuzviita Manjuzu chaiye. That’s a story for another day Lo. As for now let me climb on top of the mountain and shout that you are sleeping with your dad.
Asi Mr. Lion how does it feel removing that tong and strutting that round butt and parading those succulent jugs for your biological father? Chero imi Mr. Lion kutonyatsoti John vhuli gedhi kumwana wawakazvara kwakutotamba mapiano acho kkkkkk Makanyanya imi
Asi kana mazogara musazoda mari muchidaro asikana. I am told last week luck ran out on you when Emmanuel just burst into the room when you were in the middle of your usual horizontal exercises. The rumour mill has it that he pummelled daylights out of your dad in a fit of rage. So we have tezvara nemukuwasha fighting for the same dripping honey pot.
To worsen the matter the other two parties are father and daughter. HOTH was told Lo you ran stark naked across the yard looking for water to resuscitate your dad while Manu was roaring like a wounded buffalo baying for your father’s blood. Imi woye!!! ndiwo makunakuna chaiwo aya munyika yamabo Sadzajena. Saka tezvara nemukuwasha muchatarisana sei? All the name of riches. If you think that’s the best way of making it big in life the HOTH can only mazel tov, but the end is nigh.
HOTH was told that Kujata jata is a Tonga word that means a person who likes to use juju in solving some of the world’s problems encountered in life. In Shona, the word simply means kubata bata. Until next time. Enjoy your weekend, I will catch you on the other side. ADIOS!

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