Business as usual at night in Masvingo City

HEALTH REPORTERMASVINGO-As the 21-day lockdown enters the 11th day a survey done by The Mirror in Masvingo high-density areas during the last two nights has revealed that it is business as usual with some people engaging in public drinking, roasting green mealies, children playing in the streets while others were doing their hair under the tower lights.President Emmerson Mnangagwa declared 21 days of lockdown from 30 March to April 19 where people are required to stay home in order to reduce the spread of the deadly Coronavirus which has killed 80 759 people worldwide with 1 407 123 confirmed cases to date.Along Mboroma Street in Mucheke, there were children running around playing games without observing the mandatory 2m social distance. In Rujeko one would think that a bus has just dropped students from college as all age groups were roaming around enjoying the newly ‘found freedom’.Efforts to get a comment from Masvingo Police spokesperson, Chief Inspector Charity Mazula were fruitless as her mobile phone was not available until the time of publishing.Almost all green mealies roasting corners in Mucheke and Rujeko were conducting business at around 7pm with some people just milling around oblivious of the Covid 19 danger.

The provincial medical director, Dr Amadeus Shamu said they will discuss the matter with the law enforcement agents as they are best placed to take action.Along Calvin Majange Road cars were lining up with drivers chatting through their windows with fellow motorists creating a mini congestion at around 8pm as they seemed to be celebrating the light and crowds milling around.“We are very hungry and stressed, the whole day we have been indoors and the Police would not allow us out, now that it is dark and they have left the streets we can go out for some fresh air and chat with friends. It is also an opportunity to make one or two deals and get some money. Mukoma tanzwa nekugara mumba apa chokubata hapana,” said one middle aged man along Mboroma Street who declined to be named while sipping a Castle quart they were sharing with a friend.Some said they are enjoying the light provided by tower lights which has been available uninterrupted since day one of lockdown.Two ladies who were walking aimlessly along the street near the popular Marryme Bar in Rujeko said things were tough and as soon as it approaches dusk when Police leave the streets they patrol around the bar for possible customers.What is more worrisome is the fact that some of the people would just be moving around doing nothing and not maintaining the required social distance exposing themselves to the infection.

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