Bullion Group CEO appointed a member of Zimbabwe CEO’s Network


HARARE – Fast -rising businessman, economist, RBZ Board Member and Bullion Group CEO Persistence Gwanyanya has been appointed a member of the Zimbabwe CEO’s Network,The Mirror has established.

The Masvingo Megafeast Awards winner joined the organisation early this week.

In an interview,Gwanyanya said he was delighted to join the organisation which he said would help him grow in business leadership,personal and organisational growth as well as networking experience.

“This appointment is going to move a long way in building !and maintaining the highest possible of communication and interpersonal relations with the Bullion Group and other organizations for business growth and networking,”he said.

The astute businessman, who was recently appointed to the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Monetary Policy committee, is also in a national scholarship program where he is targeting the disadvantaged groups.

“As Bullion Group, we are also into a scholarship program where we are targeting the disadvantaged children across the country,” Gwanyanya told The Mirror.

“At Bullion Group we value business excellence and espouse the highest ethical standards in all our engagements. “We are really grateful for this appointment and we hope it inspires the whole team to continue excelling and providing quality services and products,” he added.

Bullion Group is one of the most sought-after business consortiums, which incorporates Bullion Leaf Zimbabwe, Bullion Leaf Exports, Bullion Commodities International, Bullion Health Care, Bullion Technologies, Bullion Construction, Bullion Marketing and Logistics, Bullion International Traders (SA), Bullion Commodities (Zambia), Percycon Advisory Services as well as Percycon Global Fund Managers (SA).

Of this venture, Gwanyanya said the vision was to grow a wholly indigenous business empire to provide business solutions and wealth creation formulas for dedicated entrepreneurs.

“Bullion Group is all about intergenerational wealth creation and we are happy to be spreading our wings across Africa with a view to promote profitable investments and sustainable entrepreneurship through networking ,” he said.

“We strongly believe that Africa is our platform and the world is our oyster. “We are doing our best to excel in all our business units and this appointment will help us in achieving all our goals,” he said.

Various business units under Bullion Group have been excelling and in December 2020, the Bullion Health Care initiative won the Covid-19 Healthcare Project of the Year 2020 awarded by the Chartered Institute of Project Managers Zimbabwe (CIPMZ), for their Health Booths initiative to raise awareness on Covid-19.

Last Year,the Group of Companies won a gold prize in the Masvingo Business Megafeast Awards.

Gwanyanya said he was humbled by his business strides to date and vowed to continue giving his all for better results.

“The milestones we are recording in business are really inspiring us to go all out and we pray for continued success,” he said.

“I have seen it all in the corporate sector. I started my career in 2006 at Nedbank Zimbabwe (formerly MBCA) as a graduate trainee and on completion of the programme in 2007, I was promoted to a managerial position in corporate and institutional banking.

“I have also worked in various management positions in corporate and institutional banking as well as risk management, where I got exposed to economic and financial analysis, trade and structured finance as well as corporate finance.

“While at the bank, I moved into advisory services, which saw me becoming a columnist in one of the local weeklies. I regularly feature on national TV as an economist and balanced commentator on Zimbabwe’s economic issues, but my other passion is community, development through uplifting those around me, hence the various outreach programmes we undertake. We hope to continue with our corporate social investment (CSI) work as we grow in the the business sector,” he said.

The Zimbabwe CEO’s Network is an exclusive CEO peer group organisation that leads opportunities for learning and development for CEOs and Executives. https://masvingomirror.com

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