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Bulawayo lawyer in storm over clients’ properties 

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Bulawayo lawyer in storm over clients’ properties 



BULAWAYO – The Law Society of Zimbabwe is inundated by clients allegedly prejudiced by a Bulawayo lawyer in numerous transactions involving properties worth nearly US$1 million dollars.

The clients who spoke to The Mirror in interviews castigated the Law Society for not acting despite numerous complaints.

According to documents in the hands of The Mirror, Doreen Vundhla Phulu a principal partner in Vhundhla Phulu and Partners was engaged by different clients in conveyancing and other legal services who later lost properties and money through alleged forgery, misuse of money, negligence, misrepresentation and unauthorised discounts and payments in RTGS not agreed upon by clients.

Clients also complained that Phulu would not bank money she received on behalf of her clients and she did not keep proper accounting records. In one case Phulu allegedly sold a property of her client twice resulting in a prejudice of US$15 000 to one of buyers.

Efforts to get a comment from Phulu were futile as her number was continuously unreachable. 

The Mirror then spoke to the curator Vonani Majoko who has now taken over Phulu’s pending cases. He said it’s unfortunate that some people are not aware of the procedures. 

“I have received complaints and I will finish my report as soon as they are complete and LSZ will take appropriate action. They should not think that I want to conceal the evidence before the matter is finalised,” he said.  

Richard Chidza the Corporate Communication Manager for the Law Society of Zimbabwe said the law firm is under investigation and currently under the curator. “The law firm is under curatorship and investigations are still ongoing. We will furnish you with details as soon as they are complete,” said Chidza.  

Getrude Tshabalala of Riverside Bulawayo complained that she contracted Phulu for conveyancing  for 10 plots owned by her and her three children; Leornard, Linet and Lloyd Tsabalala. The plots had a total value of US$245 000 and she was allegedly prejudiced through false documents by the lawyer, concealing important information, failure to present complete statements of accounts and failure to produce.

Tshabalala said complained that Phulu failed to produce documents for the payment of US$55 000 she made to a Mr Sithole for the servicing of land in the form of construction of roads and water supply.

Tsahabalala had complaints with all the 10 plots sold on her behalf by Phulu.

Netsai Magunda complained to Law Society that in 2017, she and her brother Kutamahufa engaged Phulu to prepare an agreement of sale of a property that they wanted to purchase  Stand 153 and 154 Matsheumhope Bulawayo. After signing the agreement of sale they only realised in 2019 that Phulu had transferred the property into another person’s name.

Magunda has allegedly failed to recover her US$15 750. Viola Chagweka complained that she engaged Phulu to do her appeal case at the Supreme Court. Phulu demanded payment upfront within four days and this was done. After serving the other parties the Supreme Court allegedly called her to provide a copy with the High Court stamp and this is when Chagweka realised that Phulu had not served the High Court.

In May 2021 Phulu made a chamber application for reinstatement of the matter which had been struck off. She allegedly did not give Chagweka the reasons why the matter was struck off. 

Later Chagweka allegedly realised that Phulu was suspended from duty and her company was put under judiciary management and Majoko of Majoko and Majoko was appointed in charge of all Phulu clients. In 2018, Netsai Magunda says she engaged Phulu over a relative’s property that was being auctioned. They wanted Phulu to save the property,

The property was referred to private treaty with the complainant expected to get a buyer.

Magunda and her relatives were surprised to be told that Geomoses Investments was the highest bidder and it got the property for RTGS$180 000. Records at the Registrar of Deeds allegedly indicate that the said company does not exist.

The value of the property was US$250 000.

Magunda said in her statement to the Law Society that she suspects that Phulu acted in collusion to sell the property.

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