Buhera villagers buy water for $20 as boreholes dry up


BUHERA – Villagers in Ward 14 Buhera are sharing dirty water from Mwerahari River with donkeys and cattle after boreholes have dried up due to the prolonged drought.

Others are paying $20 a month to get clean water from those that still own wells with water.

The same river is used for bathing and washing clothes, villagers told The Mirror in interviews last week.

Villagers have abandoned their broiler chicken projects because of water shortages.

Ward 14 councillor, Albert Chemhere said the water is contaminated and can result in disease outbreaks. The worst affected villages are Gamanya, Tsvangiwa, Dzoma and Kambeva under Chief Nyashanu.

Buhera West MP Saul Nzuma said that sinking boreholes in the areas has become difficult because of dropping water tables. He said that there are efforts to find new borehole sites.

Devias Sengamai, a villager said the deep boreholes that were sunk by Christian Care dried up two months ago.

“Villagers bath and wash from the same river where they draw water for domestic use. The deep wells sunk by Christian Care have since dried up,” said Sengamai.

Some villagers are using donkey driven carts to get clean water from Murambinda Growth Point which is 10km away, said Chemhere.

“Most dip wells have dried up due to the receding water table as you know that we had very low rainfall this past season. Villagers now rely on the river to access water,

Elizabeth Gamanya a villager from Gamanya Village said villagers from Gamanya and Dzoma villages have one source of clean water and they pay $20 per month to fetch 40 litres of water per day.

“Villagers pay $20 per month in order to fetch clean water from one individual’s borehole and they are only allowed to fetch one 20litre bucket in the morning and one in the evening. Those who can’t afford to pay, use raw water from Mwerahari River,” said Gamanya.

She also said that villagers abandoned their small broiler feeding and goat feeding projects due to the water crisis. https://masvingomirror.com

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