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Buhera school: lessons continue in tents 2 years after Cyclone Idai

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Buhera school: lessons continue in tents 2 years after Cyclone Idai



BUHERA – Accommodation at St Albans Primary school in Buhera remains unsafe and inhabitable 20 months after Cyclone Idai.

Pupils are attending classes from tents and teachers are crammed in houses that are collapsing.
NOCZIM undertook to assist with the construction of new buildings but the company has not yet come on the ground. Efforts to get a comment from NOCZIM were futile.

“The school infrastructure is inhabitable and is not safe to house learners. Buildings are in a bad state and they may collapse anytime. The situation is made more frightening by the onset of the rain season which this year is expected to be heavy,” said Buhera District Schools Inspector Godfrey Chimbwanda.

Chimbwanda said several organisations including NOCZIM pledged to assist schools with rehabilitation of buildings. The process was completed in some schools but for St Albans nothing has happened.

The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education donated 100 000 bricks to build 3 classroom blocks but the project is yet to take off the ground. https://masvingomirror.com

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