Buhera RDC gets RTGS$25m for road rehabilitation

BUHERA – Buhera Rural District Council has been granted RTGS$25m for the rehabilitation of 295km of roads in the area, the local authority’s Chief Executive Officer Emily Chibvongodze has said.
The allocation comes under the Emergency Road Rehabilitation Scheme. Chibvongonze told Chipinge Times that of the RTGS$25m, RTGS$18m has been received and 193km of road rehabilitated.
“We were allocated RTGS$25 million and we have so far received RTGS$18m which we used to rehabilitate 193km of roads. Out target is to use our budget to rehabilitate 295km,” she said.
The equipment being used for road maintenance was procured from devolution funds.
Buhera has 16 roads that need repairs and these are 1 460 km long. Manicaland has a total rural road network of 4 205km and 95% of that are badly damaged.
Rehabilitation work includes gravelling, clearing drains, reshaping damaged road sections and repairing blocked and damaged culverts.
Businessman Elija Mawoyo urged council to urgently attend to Murambinda – Birchenough Road which is an important road.

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