Buhera RDC Budget meeting flops over 2020 expenditure


BUHERA – Attempts to hold 2021 budget consultations at Buhera Rural District Council flopped on Thursday and Friday last week after the local authority failed to produce a sample of its expenditure for this year.

The council attempted to hold the meeting on Thursday but it was abandoned after stakeholders complained that the notice was too short.

This saw the meeting being pushed to Friday but on Friday stakeholders asked for an account of the way income was spent in the first 10 months of 2020 but this could not be produced.

The demand for the expenditure records was made by representatives of Murambinda Residents Association (MRA) and Murambinda Business Association (MBA).

The representatives insisted that they cannot make meaningful contributions to the 2021 budget without the historical information on 2020.

Buhera RDC chairman Ngoni Musakaruka said council should furnish its stakeholders with financial statements in order to engage in productive financial plans.

“We are in no position to make meaningful contributions to the 2021 budget unless council avails the financial statements for the 2020 budget,” said MBA chairman, Elijah Mawoyo.

There is no agreed new date for the meeting. https://masvingomirror.com

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