Buffalo gores Zaka man to death

Tinashe Farawo.
Morris Bishi
Zaka – A Buffalo has gored a man from Muchechetere Village under Chief Ndanga to death and a Parks spokesperson has blamed the problem on the overpopulation of wildlife in sanctuaries.
Ephraim Nyamunda (72) died at home on Tuesday before he could get a vehicle to take him to hospital.
Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (Zimparks) Tinashe Farawo confirmed the incident.
The deceased’s relative, Joe Ngwaru said Nyamunda went to Mativenda River at around 5pm to bath and while there, the buffalo gored him with its horns at the back and into the ribs.
Nyamunda tried to walk home after the attack but he failed. He was later spotted by women who were passing by and they notified his son who carried him home. He died before a vehicle could ferry him to hospital.
Farawo said animal sanctuaries in Zimbabwe have become overpopulated and animals are straying into communities in search of food thereby creating human animal conflicts. Parks officials are trekking down the rogue buffalo, he said.
“It is said that we lost human life in this incident. There is a problem of overpopulation in the sanctuaries forcing animals to stray into communities. There is immense damage being caused by the stray animals but plans to depopulate the parks are being viciously resisted by critics. However if you move into communities you will realise that it is not just people that are being killed but there is damage to crops and infrastructure,” said Farawo.https://masvingomirror.com

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