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Breast cancer patient appeals for US$5 000 for operation

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Breast cancer patient appeals for US$5 000 for operation


Elizabeth Mashiri

MASVINGO-A woman with a cancerous lump is appealing for US$5 000 to undergo an emergency operation. Vongai Magura’s (43) cannot wear clothes and only wraps a cloth.
She told The Mirror in an interview that she needs US$2 000 for removing the lump and US$3 000 for chemotherapy.  
Magura, a mother of three who cannot do anything is looked after by her sister Lorraine in Chivi.
“Currently I am in Chivi with my younger sister who nurses me. I was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago but we failed to raise the US$2 000 needed for the operation. My health is deteriorating and now I can’t work for my family.
“The breast lump now affects my chest and backbone. We buy pain tablets every day which are no longer effective. I appeal to well-wishers for assistance,” she said.
She was diagnosed with cancer in 2021. Doctors told her to undergo chemotherapy before it spread to her whole body.
Lorraine said their financial situation is dire and begs well-wishers to contribute towards her sister’s operation.
“She didn’t go for chemotherapy treatment because of her financial situation. I am appealing for help from well-wishers and the Cancer Association of Zimbabwe to help my sister. She is constantly in pain,” she said.
Those who want to assist Magura can contact her at 0776611134 or Lorraine at 0773559930. You can also contact The Mirror helpline at 0716895703/0775691380.

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