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Breast cancer patient appeals for US$ 6 000

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Breast cancer patient appeals for US$ 6 000


Ellen Mlambo

HARARE- A Ruwa woman, Mavis Nyagweta (44), is appealing for US$6 000 to undergo an emergency operation to remove a cancerous lump on her left breast.
Nyagweta was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2021, and a CT scan revealed that the Cancer is in the lump that needs removal before it spreads throughout her body.

She told The Mirror that the operation was scheduled for November 2022 at Karanda Mission Hospital, but she failed to raise the funds needed.
Mavis also said that she suffers from body pains and her bones have become weak.
“My hands are always stiff, and I have a sharp pain in the breast which sometimes feels like it can burst. I sometimes scream in public with pain,” said Mavis.
She is a home-based trained nurse and has since stopped going to work owing to her condition. Her husband, William Nyagweta, is a retired Police officer.
He told The Mirror that his pension and savings for scans and chemotherapy are used up.
The operation costs US$1 000, and US$5 000 is for 25 rounds of radiotherapy after the operation.
Mavis underwent Chemotherapy last year at Parirenyatwa Hospital, but her condition did not improve. Doctors concluded that she undergo an emergency operation after a US$400 CT scan last week.
A CT scan report by Doctor Joy Makamure indicates that there has been a significant interval reduction in the size of the left breast mass.
You can contact Nyagweta at 0775268937 or The Mirror helpline at 0775 691 380 /0716 895 703.

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