Breaking News! Mwenezi Pharmacist dies in canoe mishap

Kudakwashe Paradza (33), a pharmacist at Neshuro District Hospital in Mwenezi died when a canoe he was using to crisscross a fish pond at a lodge in Masvingo’s industrial area capsized yesterday afternoon.
The incident happened at 4pm. The newly completed lodge has a large fish pond which is 5m deep and patrons occasionally use canoes to traverse the pond. Paradza who was drinking with friends and relatives got into one of the canoes alone and went around the pond four times.
His friends urged him to come out after the fourth round but he insisted on making just one more round when the canoe capsized.
It took friends and relatives almost an hour to find and retrieve the body from beneath the water. Police officers who arrived at the scene could do very little to assist in the recovery of the body as they just had one pair of gloves.
An official at Neshuro Hospital confirmed to The Mirror that Paradza indeed worked at the health service centre.
Masvingo Police spokesperson, Inspector Kudakwashe Dhewa confirmed the incident but said he was not in the office for further details.

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