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Brace for more cold – Met office

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Brace for more cold – Met office




MASVINGO – Despite August being known traditionally as the month that marks the beginning of summer, the metrology office has warned people to brace for more cold as we are still closer to winter than to summer.

The Meteorology Department spokesperson James Ngoma said the transition from winter to summer is not easily predictable as it is a gradual process from cold conditions to cool then mild and that is when we will be nearer to summer.

He warned that as of now temperatures will remain wintry but will gradually increase as the progresses to mark the beginning of the main rain season sometime in September.

He said the transition from summer to winter is determined by the migration of the sun towards the Southern part which is a gradual process.

“We are closer to winter than we can project summer. The transition can not be predicted easily. It is a gradual process so people must brace for more cold” said Ngoma.

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