Bodies of 3 people who drowned during baptism resurface after 7 days ….

The mystery of Musogwezi River of July 16, 2021 will forever remain etched in the memories of the people of Machiti, Jongwe Village under Chief Mapanzure in Masvingo Rural District.

A baptism for village head Victor Tazvigwira that was to be conducted by self-styled prophet Amos Chituri (49)of Agness Access Apostolic Church at around 6am on the fateful day ended in total disaster. As Chituri paced near a tiny pool barely 1,5 m deep ready to start the baptism, a group of nine people who had accompanied him stood 10 metres away where they removed their shoes ready to draw near for the process.

Without warning, the group was gripped by spirits, they started talking in tongues and like the possessed biblical swine they plunged into the pool. Even the prophet had no powers against the sprit as he was also swept into the pool.

They were shoved under the water and for a time they remained in the pool fighting to come out. It surprised them that they gulped no water even though they were below the surface for some time.

Mysteriously five of them eventually found themselves out of the pool while the village head was pulled out by the prophet. Tremors shook the nearby mountain and the pool area for the next seven days.

Three of the villagers, Witness Chirombo, Cosmo Mvicha from Silas Village and Fungai Berevedzai (14) were not so lucky. For seven days they could not be accounted for. On the seventh day, their bodies surfaced one after another following vigils by the village. Mirror photographer Tony Phiri was the first to spot one of the bodies as it emerged out of the water.

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