Bitchcoin hits Chitima as Mai Junior drowns in Umjolo

When someone told HOTH that in 1999 the devil won a tender to produce babies and to control mjolo I thought it was just one of those jokes, but uuum guys ama2k enyu awa ma1 chaiwo. Kuzoti iwo maM-series and the married women acho I can’t say much on that. 

If the world was a train we could have been saying it has come out of the rails and now sliding down the hill straight into the river. Kugarira nhanzva chaiko. Hameno kuti iye akati kana vanhu vaenda kuchihure vaite zvemapikicha ndiani kkkkkkk. 

Hanzi navo zvekuti baby kana mface ndewanhingi hazvina basa izvo because vanoti ivo vakambomwa doro raitonzi ndere vadzimu. Kkkkkk pakaipa apo. 

Unoona twuvapfanha twa2000 tumapastor tuchiti my son or my daughter kureva mai or baba vako va1940. Whoever brought these fake Pentecostal churches has a special place in hell. Since the 2000 a lot of people are living a lie. You can spend a life time talking about it.

Hey, guys this mjolo thing is giving a lot of people heartaches. Some even end up taking their lives. The good thing is that HOTH is now a mjolo drop out. I was minding my own business as usual when I got this from Chitima. Guys Chitima chinenyaya wena. All the mjolo actors are found there; vana badass vese nevamwe are housed there. Iwe I think one should run a soapie using files from Chitima.

Someone told me there was this woman who used to chair the Chitima committee who has thousands of classified files which HOTH will declassify in a few days, but at the moment let’s turn our attention to Mai Junior.

I heard of late she has been mining Bitchcoin and has now become an expert in Clipto-Currency. If you want to remove one letter HOTH doesn’t mind. You can do whatever you want. Just do it like it’s in the constitution. I don’t care.

Mai Junior ndokudai…mai Junior…singing hangu. BaJunior muriko here uko? I heard you had to beg for a second chance. Someone told me that there was party somewhere out there in Bikita. Hanzi paNyika chaipo. Hanzi vanhu vakajamba maspeaker apa mai Junior vachiwainira vamwe man vanga vabva paChivhu apo.

I heard the hubby was not impressed by the lap dances that mai Junior was giving to every man. According to the rumour mill she just hooked up with the new man ignoring her hubby. The irate husband rebuke her but he never new that the now sloshed mai Junior could not take none of it. 

He did know that he was stocking fire and mai Junior came down on him like a tonne of bricks. She showed everyone who cared that she has other colours which nobody knew she has. I am told she touched her coochie and shouted to the distraught man that it was that part of herself that has changed her life.

Hanzi musana waunoona uyu ndiwo unoita ufambe nemota yaunofamba nayo. Hezvooo nhaimi hanzi musana wadii nhai? So makutsvaga mari makatarira mudenga sejenya. Heya pamanga makabata paya ndipo paka unza mari yese iyi. I am shocked that some women now see their private parts as a currency.

Someone confided in HOTH that mai Junior went away with that man from Chivhu leaving BaJunior stranded at the Growth Point. I heard he had to beg for transport from other people from Masvingo who were also partying. That’s a sad story hey! 

But BaJunior so ka saka poto yakatonodyiwa imi muripo. Vakomana musadaro. Zvimwe potai muchinzwa tsisti. Inzwai ngoni. I heard you finally managed to negotiate your way back into the house. For information on the story l will give more next week.

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