Birchenough revive residents association


BUHERA – Birchenough Bridge residents have revived Birchenough Bridge Residents Association (BBRA) after it has been dormant for years.

The association was revived at a meeting held at Birchenough Bridge Primary School grounds on September 5, 2020 where residents elected an executive committee and sub-committees.

One of BBRA’s demands is to retain 40% of the money raised in Birchenough Bridge at the small transit growth point. Birchenough Bridge is under Buhera Rural District Council.

BBRA chairperson Tandayi Haisa told Chipinge Times that the association was inactive since its formation nine years ago and with the new lease of life, the association would want to be active in the growth point particularly as devolution sets in.

“Our mission is to represent the people and advocate for development in Birchenough Bridge. We want residents to participate in decision-making processes for sustainable development of our area.

“We had to reorganize ourselves so that we work together with the local authority make decisions on how devolution funds are used,” said Haisa.

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