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Bikita Schools Inspector is also a Zanu PF councillor

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Bikita Schools Inspector is also a Zanu PF councillor



BIKITA – Lylletty Aleta Makomeke has in total violation of Government policy and regulations remained a schools’ inspector four years after she was elected councillor for Ward 5 in Masvingo Rural.Government Public Service Regulation Statutory Instrument 1 of 2000 as stated in Circular 10 of November 2018 requires civil servants to step down once they are elected into political offices as councillors, MPs or Senators.An analyst who declined to be named said Makomeke is just on a gravy train and what makes her situation worse is that she stays in Bikita when she is a councillor in Masvingo Rural which is over 100km away.
Public Service Commission Secretary, Ambassador Jonathan Wataunashe professed ignorance on the matter and promised to investigate and take appropriate action.“I have checked and can confirm that PSC is not aware of the case of a schools’ inspector referred to as holding two jobs, including that of being a councillor. Should the matter be verified, appropriate action will be taken in accordance with the Public Service regulations,” said Wutaunashe.Makomeke is said to be a sidekick of the Minister of State for Masvingo, Ezra Chadzamira. Makomeke could not be reached for comment as her mobile went unanswered.

Provincial Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare (PSC) officer, Tavuyanarwo Makuza, said his Ministry can only act after recommendations from the Provincial Education Director (PED).Zanu PF has not only ignored the policy of its own Government but has weaponised it to harass members of other political parties. Two former MDC A councillors, Edwin Maseva (Ward 11) and Emmanuel Punungwe (Ward 10) were fired from Chikomba Rural District Council in 2020 after they failed to step down as teachers.

“Yes, I admit that we are the employer but we can only act if we have recommendations from the PED. So far we have not received any communication from them. I think you should talk to the PED so that she can tell you her position,” said Makuza.Acting Masvingo PED, Shylatte Mhike refused to comment and referred questions to Taungana Ndoro the Director of Communications and Advocacy in the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education.Ndoro said the matter can only be dealt with Public Service Commission as they are the employer.Johnson Madhuku, former Pamushana High School head, who contested and won Bikita East constituency in 2018 resigned as head after the election results were announced.

There are countless reports throughout the country of elected Zanu PF officials who continue to dabble in civil service after being elected into political offices.James Mahofa, the Bikita District Schools Inspector (DSI) confirmed that Makomeke is a schools’ inspector working in Bikita. He however, refused to answer questions and referred The Mirror to the Provincial Education Director (PED) Shylatte Mhike.“I can confirm that Makomeke is one of my inspectors, but for further details, you can talk to the PED,” he said.

Makomeke contested in an all-female race during the 2018 general elections in which she garnered 721 votes, beating Silideni Kuzowana of MDC Alliance who got 662 votes and Independent candidate Elizabeth Ncube, who had 410 votes.“I can refer you to the PSC because they are the employer. We only use her services but we don’t have a contract with her,” said Ndoro. https://masvingomirror.com

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