Bikita man (82) jailed for masquerading as a village head


BIKITA – Jevias Ruvanda (82) of Majaya Village under Chief Marozva in Bikita has been jailed for an effective nine months for masquerading as a village head.

Ruvanda got the effective jail sentence after ignoring two court orders that barred him from masquerading as village head and collecting levy from villagers in the process.

Kumbirai Chisi who is the legitimate village head initiated court proceedings against Ruvanda on August 1, 2013 which was granted at Bikita Magistrates Court.

Ruvanda was at it again in February 2019 when he collected levy purporting to be the village head. He allegedly used Chisi’s folio number A2/9.

He was ordered to pay a fine but again went on to disregard the order, posed as the village head and collected levy from the villagers.

Chisi who was represented by Collen Maboke of Ruvengo Maboke and Company Legal Practitioners then approached Bikita Magistrates Court seeking a custodial sentence for Ruvanda.

“Respondent does not have any excuse at law for disregarding the Court order; he does not respect Court orders. The conduct of respondent is a very clear sign of an unrepentant citizen. This time the court should jealously guard its orders by imposing a custodial sentence for deterrent purposes.

“I urge the honourable court to mark its displeasure against the unlawful conduct of respondent by passing a custodial sentence,” read Chisi’s affidavit.

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