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Biden slams US Supreme Court

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Biden slams US Supreme Court


IN a brazen interference with the judiciary, United States President Joe Biden has threatened the country’s Supreme Court which has ruled to remove the constitutional right to terminate a pregnancy.

Mr Biden, whose support is on the wane as his country faces soaring inflation, is seeking to save his political career through reversing the Supreme Court ruling in a move that has been slammed as undemocratic and unconstitutional by his critics.

Recently, in an unabashed attack on the judiciary, Mr Biden said: “We cannot allow an out-of-control Supreme Court working in conjunction with extremist elements of the Republican Party to take away freedoms and our personal autonomy.”

Analysts said the US has just demonstrated to the world that it has no moral high ground to lecture the world on tenets of good governance and democracy.

Zanu PF director for Information and Publicity Cde Tafadzwa Mugwadi said the worst threat to democracy, justice and human rights occurs when a sitting President intimidates the judiciary which is supposed to be an independent arm of the State.

“The US President, Mr Joe Biden’s threat to Supreme Court judges presents a new low for this embattled regime but does not surprise those of us who reckon that the US is the biggest threat to democracy globally.

“From undermining democratically elected governments through sponsored violent regime change tactics to brazenly threatening Supreme Court judges in their own backyard calls for the free people of the world to be wary of US authoritarian and dictatorial tendencies,” said Cde Mugwadi.

The rights of US citizens, he said, are under threat and not guaranteed by those needless unbridled intimidatory threats by Mr Biden.

A researcher and political analyst Mr Alex Munyonga weighed in saying it is so sickening to note that the US President wants to throw his weight around and intimidate a supposedly independent institution.

Another analyst Dr Hamadziripi Dube said it is unheard of for the so-called champions of democracy to threaten their judiciary system.

“It’s so worrying to note that the US President who is the master of the regime change agenda across Africa, Zimbabwe included, does not trust his own judiciary system.

“We thought as they call themselves champions of democracy, they uphold the rule of law and human rights.

“This is unheard of. Yet they parade themselves as champions of democracy and human rights,” said Dr Dube.

He said its worrisome for any leader worth his salt to threaten his country’s courts just for political expediency.

“They practise the opposite of what they preach in other sovereign states. He is showing his true colours of undemocratic rule.

“As a leader he is bound to respect the judgment made by a competent court of law in their land. He is not justified by any authority to threaten the ruling which is opposite to his interests,” said Dr Dube.

Academic and researcher Mr Alex Munyonga said the statement by Mr Biden exposes the fallacy of the so-called US democracy.

“Political egoism is more than a cancerous ailment. By attacking the judiciary over a judgment inimical to personal policy is ridiculous for a nation that self appoints itself as a beacon of democracy.

“The American judiciary did a sterling job in bringing to light that an individual’s ego cannot supersede moral astuteness and judicial soundness.

“It is a pity that a Biden who self appoints himself as the international policy police officer is failing to adhere to his own country’s judicial ruling.

“Biden’s critique is a clear offside warranting an international political and judicial red card,” said Mr Manyonga.

The US carries the unflattering tag of being the world’s bully with a propensity to poke its nose in the affairs of other independent countries.

Over the years it has sponsored opportunists and puppets to topple democratically elected governments. Herald

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