Beware, robberies are increasing along Masvingo-Harare Road

Nyasha Musambasi

Chivhu – Machete wielding robbers who take advantage of the bad state of Masvingo – Harare Highway are terrorising motorists who either have breakdowns or slow down to negotiate the treacherous road.

Police in Mash East are hunting for a gang of between five to eight men that has become notorious for attacking and robbing stranded motorists along the highway’s detours.

Provincial Police Spokesperson, Inspector Tendai Mwanza confirmed the increase in the number of robberies to The Mirror.

“We have received an increased number of cases perpetrated along the highway by machete wielding robbers,” said Mwanza.

Mwanza could not however, immediately confirm the statistics.

“The most common target are truck drivers and as Police we are encouraging companies to install surveillance systems on their trucks in case of emergence.

He urged drivers to have with them contact details of local Police.

He advised motorists to move their valuables from vehicles to the nearest homesteads once they have breakdowns. He also advised against sleeping in the car once there is a breakdown especially if this happens away from a Police station or public place.

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