Beitbridge vendor nearly loses leg to Police dog

Ellen Mlambo

Beitbridge – A money changer in Beitbridge suffered severe injuries which could see his leg being amputated after a Police dog was unleashed on him this morning, The Mirror has been informed.

Edmond Zeyazeya who is admitted at Beitbridge District Hospital confirmed the incident which happened at around 9am this morning.

Efforts to get a comment from the Police were fruitless.

Zeyazeya however, said he dropped off from a taxi at Chicken Inn in Beitbridge where he wanted to buy chicken pieces  for his child.

“I saw people running away but before I could see what was going on, a Police officer released his dog on me and it attacked me so viciously it almost tore off my leg. I had not done anything against the Police and I was left wondering why me? I was taken to hospital in a Police vehicle,” said Zeyazeya.

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