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Beitbridge RDC submits 41 draft by-laws

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Beitbridge RDC submits 41 draft by-laws


Ellen Mlambo

BEITBRIDGE – Beitbridge Rural District Council (BRDC) which has up until now had no by-laws has proposed 41 laws for local use.
The local authority’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Peter Moyo said the by-laws were submitted to the Ministry of Local Government and Public Works in terms of Section 88 of the RDC Act on January 31, 2023 for consideration for approval.
“In 2012, the local authority submitted three by-laws to the Ministry but there was no feedback.
“By-laws are important because once we have them in place, enforcement of rules becomes easier. When there are no by-laws in place, we act as if we are persuading people on something,” he said.
By-laws are local regulations used by local authorities for the maintenance of order in their localities. All local authorities are required to have by-laws and Beitbridge might just be one of the few councils that has no by-laws.
Some important by-laws proposed by Beitbridge are the control of livestock. Beitbridge is a cattle ranching district and therefore this by-law is key and it brings with it levies to do with movement of cattle out of the district.
The movement of livestock to other districts is regarded as a commercial sale.
The others are burning of vegetation and prevention of fires by-law, urban agriculture by-law, noise by-law, trading licence by-law, control of worship by-law, advertisement by-law, control of dogs by-law, occupation of council properties by-law, environment and natural resources conservation by-law and public amenities by-law.
The by-laws were reached at after consultations with stakeholders following meetings at four centres namely; Chasvingo, Lutumba (Beitbridge East) and at Zezani and Toporo (Beitbridge West).

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