Beitbridge RDC acts on Covid 19


BEITBRIDGE – Beitbridge Rural District Council has suspended cattle sales as well as public gatherings and urged all businesses to practice hygiene in their premises as a measure to prevent the spread of the deadly coronavirus.
The control of coronavirus in the border district is critical since it is a leeway to South Africa which has recorded over 800 cases up to date.
In a statement released on Monday BRDC said temporary selling facilities by vendors are suspended until further notice. Gatherings of any nature will be restricted and limited to a number of not more than 100 and all businesses, public transporters and shop owners included are encouraged to maintain minimum numbers and always use sanitizers.
“Observing the national policy of the Covid-19 pandemic preventive strategy and considering the experience of other players there is a clear need to take additional action to make sure Covid-19 does not spread within our local authority area and the nation at large. Temporary selling activities by vendors are suspended, cattle selling will continue under supervision to ensure a limited number of buyers and sellers saved within the shortest possible time
“Gatherings of all nature are restricted and limited to not more than 100 and all businesses and public transporters are expected to provide sanitizers to customers. Liquor outlets are urged to encourage their patrons to make takeaways and restrict drink in or sit in to a minimal number below the national restriction” reads part of the statement outlining the measures signed by BRDC Chief Executive Officer Peter Moyo.

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