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Beitbridge man stabbed over vending stall

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Beitbridge man stabbed over vending stall


Rebecca Mazvidza

BEITBRIDGE- Regional Magistrate lnnocent Bepura has remanded a Beitbridge man in custody to a later date for sentencing after convicting him of attempted murder.
lan Ncube (48) of 1585 Dulivhadzimu, stabbed Philip Nguvo (27) of Khumalo Complex once on the back and once on the right hand.
The incident happened on August 15, 2023, at Lutumba Business Centre Council Ground, Beitbridge. Ncube and Nguvo are vendors at an open marketplace.
Circumstances are that around 1 p.m. at the marketplace, Ncube asked Nguvo to create space for his wares.
Nguvo ignored him. Ncube began removing Nguvo’s wares and placing them at a distance.
The two got into a heated argument and began pushing and shoving each other. Ncube took a knife from a stand and stabbed Nguvo who was rescued by other vendors.
Nguvo was rushed to the hospital and a Police report was filed leading to Ncube’s arrest.

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