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Beitbridge man keeps bottled urine at home


Beitbridge man keeps bottled urine at home


Ellen Mlambo

BEITBRIDGE- A Beitbridge clearing agent, Kennedy Mtombeni has shocked residents of the border town after hundreds of bottles of different sizes allegedly containing his urine and unknown liquids were found in a room he lodged in Mashakada.
A large crowd gathered at the house on Monday to see the mystery bottles, and Police had come to maintain order.
The bottles ranging in size from 300ml to 5litres were discovered when the landlady Olitha Raphael wanted a new tenant to move into the room after Mtombeni allegedly failed to pay his rent. Raphael said she got Police clearance to open the room in his absence. She was shocked to see hundreds of bottles containing smelly liquid covering the floor.

There are allegations that Mtombeni was dealing with concoctions, herbs and superstitions. 
The liquid smells like a stench from a burst sewer pipe. Efforts by Two Nations to get a comment from Mtombeni were futile as his mobile phones was off. 
Police Officer Commanding Beitbridge, Chief Superintendent Tichaona Nyongo said Police attended the scene to control a crowd. Police had received a report that there were containers with urine kept in a room by a tenant.

There is suspicion that the collection of urine is a form of juju. Allegations are that Mtombeni always carries some bottles to store his urine and would bring the liquid back home.
 Mtombeni started staying at Raphael’s house in 2016. She started having problems with her tenant in April when he stopped paying rentals and owes more than R5 000 in rent, water and electricity bills.

He allegedly left the place on May 20, 2022. A man who answers his phone says that he is staying in Mwenezi.
Raphael is appealing to Mtombeni to come and collect his bottles and property.
“On Monday, I went to Police, and was permitted to open the door. I was shocked to see a lot of containers with urine, and I took pictures for evidence. We confronted him at his office at Living Waters Complex, but he refused to come out,” she added.https://masvingomirror.com

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