Beitbridge couple injured in gruesome robbery attack


BEITBRIDGE – A Beitbridge couple was severely injured when their car ran out of fuel near the Zion Christian Church along RDP –Mufelandawonye Road and a group of robbers attacked them with knives, stones and iron bars.
The incident happened at around 3am on Thursday last week.
The wife Clenas Sibanda lost several teeth and her husband Nkululeko Ribombo suffered serious injuries and they had to cross to South Africa to seek further treatment.
Beitbridge Mayor, Morgan Ncube confirmed the incident and urged residents not to walk in isolated places at night and to be vigilant as crimes involving violence were on the increase.
Beitbridge Police could not find the report when The Mirror called for a comment.
Ribombo however, told The Mirror in an interview that he and his wife, were coming back from dropping off their grandson at his parents’ house at Shule-shule at around 10pm when they ran out of fuel and they decided to park and sleep in the vehicle until dawn.
At around 3am, men whom they could not recognise because they were beaming their torches into their faces started throwing stones at their car and broke all the windows.
“I could not even get the chance to fight back because when I tried to take a hammer from under the seat, one of them started stabbing me with a knife”, said Ribombo.
The other one held his wife by the neck while threatening her with a knife. He demanded for money but because she had none she surrendered her cellphones. The angry robber then allegedly hit her on the mouth with a stone and she lost some of her teeth and the other ones became loose.
They were only rescued by cross border drivers who drive by and the suspects ran away.
“l woke up in the hospital as I became unconscious. We had edication and were stitched on our wounds but when we were discharged from the hospital l decided to take my wife to a private hospital in Musina for treatment. “, added Ribombo.

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