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Beitbridge Business Expo awards 65 leaders

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Beitbridge Business Expo awards 65 leaders



BEITBRIDGE- Beitbridge Business Expo and the local Municipality have honoured 65 business leaders for excelling in 2022.
Beitbridge held its Corporate and People Choice inaugural awards at a local lodge in the border town on Saturday.
Multiple global award-winning FCMI –FIML Chartered Manager, Benson Mukandiwa was the guest of honour. The Awards ran under the theme; Beitbridge 24/7.
The awards were divided into 20 categories and 19 of these had the winner, first, and second runners. Lifetime Achievement award went to eight individuals for excelling in different fields.
Few categories went through public voting, but through adjudicator voting and companies and individuals who won the awards walked away with shields and certificates.
Beitbridge Business Expo chairperson and Lanaheil Investments director, Dr Anna Muleya said the awards help the business community to promote professionalism and foster a competitive culture among producers and service providers in the border town.
“The event was successful, and we hope to hold it annually to give recognition to those who excel in their crafts, promote and encourage professionalism and foster a competitive culture among the producers and services providers in Beitbridge town. It is encouraging to see young entrepreneurs winning awards,” said Dr Muleya.

List of the Awards Winners

  1. Event of the year
    Winner- Beitbridge Business Expo, First Runner up – 2 Kings Entertainment,
    Second Runner-up –Mayor’s half Marathon
  2. Fast food outlet of the year 2022
    Winner- SAMAS Butchery, First Runner up –Croc Foods, Second Runner Up – Chicken Inn
  3. Medical facility of the year
    Winner- North Haven Surgery, First Runner up – Fortiq Surgery, Second Runner Up- Amstes
  4. Small Business of the year 2022
    Winner- RIVAMEAD Hardware t/a Marvels, First Runner up –Jaricha glass and aluminum windows and doors, Second Runner up Individual Zone solutions
  5. Start-up Business of the year
    Winner –All in one hardware t/a Reliable, First Runner up –Munandi Capital and Accommodation, Second Runner up Food Hub
  6. Young Entrepreneur of the year 2022
    Winner –Signtech Africa, First Runner up –On point media / The Edutainer, Second Runner up D. Domain Media
  7. Retailer of the year
    Winner-N & R Enterprises, First Runner up –N. Richards, Second Runner up-Benled General supplies
  8. Community Social Responsibility Company of the year 2022
    Winner- Agents House Freight, First Runner up Chartry Enterprises, Second Runner up Shulton Agencies
  9. Gender equality recognition of the year
    Winner –Topic Investments, First Runner up-ZIMRA, Second Runner up Bishopstone
  10. Public Service Department of the year 2022
    Winner- Department of Agritex, First Runner up Department of Veterinary Services, Second Runner up-Social Development
  11. Most Innovative Company of the year 2022
    Winner –Innbucks, First Runner Up -E-Runner, Second Runner up My Runner
  12. Accommodation Facility of the year 2022
    Winner- Mutsa Lodge, First Runner up -Summit Lodge, Second Runner up-Blue Villa lodge
  13. Clearing Agency of the year 2022
    Winner- FAMS Zimbabwe, First Runner up-Speedlink Cargo, Second Runner up Southern Business Services
  14. Leisure Facility of the year 2022
    Winner –Nottingham Estate, First Runner up-Three ways safaris, Second Runner up Mazunga Safaris
  15. Infrastructure Developer of the year 2022
    Winner –Masimba Construction, First Runner up –Bitumen Construction, Second Runner up Raubex
  16. Best Educational Facility/ Institution of the year 2022
    Winner –Oakleigh House, First Runner up -Wellton School, Second Runner up-Tongwe high school
  17. Environment Impact of the year 2022
    Winner -Rangelands Regeneration, First Runner up-Nottingham Estates, Second Runner Up up-ESPN Quarry
  18. Transport and Logistics Operator of the year 2022
    Winner- MBT Transport, First Runner up Pride Buses, Second Runner up Straight Freight
  19. Quasi- Government /Parastatal of the year 2022
    Winner –TELONE, First Runner up ZINARA, Second Runner up Forestry Commission
  20. Lifetime Achievement Award
    Dr S. Sindo
    H. Magumise
    John ‘Bonyongo’ Mutema
    R. Park
    Mr & Mrs Rice
    K. Knott
    KCD Mohadi
    N. Van Der Merwe

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