Bees give Chikato cops a torrid time


MASVINGO – Bees are giving cops at Chikato Police Station in Masvingo a torrid time, attacking officers, their children and chickens.

The Mirror visited Chikato Police camp yesterday and was told that the bees are camped in a chimney at one of the flats and each time they are irritated they swarm the camp and start attacking whatever they come across.

Ass Insp Forbes Musora who was not only bitten but lost 17 chickens to the bees referred all questions to the Police Public Relations department.

Police Public Relations in Masvingo is however, no longer answering questions from the media.

There were several attacks in the last few days and one of those who was swarmed was a child of Sergeant Muzorewa. The Mirror is told that the juvenile was rescued by ripping apart his shirt.

Efforts to get hold of Sergeant Muzorewa were fruitless.

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