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Baby’s umbilical cord sent from SA goes missing


Baby’s umbilical cord sent from SA goes missing

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ZVISHAVANE – There was pandemonium in Chief Maziofa’s area after an umbilical cord of a new born baby sent from South Africa went missing, The Mirror can reveal.

Zibani Hove took Virginia Shoko to Chief Maziofa’s Court and sued her for his grandchild’s umbilical cord that went missing after the bag that contained it was left in the hands of Shoko by a Malaicha.

Under the Zimbabwean culture it is believed that a child’s umbilical cord should be buried by grandparents at their home.

Chief Maziofa ordered Shoko to pay Hove two beasts and US$52 for the lost umbilical cord, according to documents in the hands of The Mirror.

Shoko is however, appealing for a condonation of the judgment and the case is now at Zvishavane Magistrates Court.

The case is that in October 2021 Shoko received goods on behalf of Hove who was absent when the Malaicha who was sent from South Africa arrived. Shoko took the bag without any knowledge of what was inside. After two days Hove came complaining that his grandchild’s umbilical cord was missing and needed compensation.

Shoko is saying that she never took anything from the bag and that she merely collected the goods in the absence of the owner.

The condonation of the judgement was granted by Zvishavane Magistrate Evia Matura and the matter is set to be heard tomorrow. https://masvingomirror.com


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