Automated parking system increases Gweru revenue to $4,5m

GWERU – Revenue collected from parking in Gweru has increased from an average of $500 000 in three months to $4.5m for the same period after the local authority introduced an automated pre-parking system.
Gweru Mayor, Josiah Makombe confirmed this in an interview with The Mirror.
He said that since the introduction of the automated system revenue realised rose from $500 000 to $4,5m in three months. The other three months before that saw council earning far less than the current revenue and this is an increase of 200%
The automated system was implemented by Gweru City Council in conjunction with City Parking, a private company. Makombe said that the new system has plugged a lot of loopholes and leakages that existed through the manual system.
“The new billing system is a successful project. It is a game changer. We managed to collect about $4,5 million from the City Parking revenue, a good result compared to previous periods,” he said.

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