Audio exposes bribe in Chikomba DCC elections

Nyasha Musambasi

Chivhu – An audio clip that has gone viral on social media exposes shenanigans in the current Zanu PF DCC elections with a candidate asking for US$300 from another in order to bribe election officials.

Two members in the party, one understood to be Ward 8 councilor Learnmore Mufamba and another Alfred Pedzisa are heard discussing the issue of paying bribes in the audio.
The audio was recorded from a telephone interview.

Mufamba is telling Alfred Pedzisa in the audio that he had spoken to some election officials who can facilitate victory for candidates who pay bribes. Some of the tactics that are used include withdrawing rivals’ papers or disqualifying them.

Mufamba said he is desperately looking for the US$300 to pay the bribes so that he can get a post.
Mufamba confirmed the audio and said he will not be deterred by distracters.

“I will continue serving the party and the people that voted for me as their councillor. I will not back down unless a disciplinary hearing is held and the party leaders decides otherwise. I will not be wavered by this leaked audio,” said Mufamba.

Matarutse said he has not asked anyone a bribe.

Pedzisa who is suspected by the public to have had leaked the audio is heard asking Mufamba questions pertaining the meeting he had. He goes on to ask who his competitors are.

The bribes were to be paid to Moses Mataruse, Clifford Ngirazi and Songori from Chikomba East and each would receive US$100 as bribe.

Mufamba is vying for the position of secretary for administration while Pedzisa is contesting for the position of Chairman.

Mataruse, Ngirazi and Songori could not be reached for a comment.

Mufamba tells Pedzisa that he is looking for someone who could borrow him the US$300 to pay the bribes.
“I am looking for someone who can give me US$300 so that I can pay these guys. I have just concluded the meeting with Moses and I have to give them US$100 each,” says Mufamba.

The audio indicates that Councilor Isreal Dhikinya who is Chikomba RDC chairman had since been asked to withdraw from the post of secretary for administration and vie for a less powerful post of secretary for legal affairs because he already holds a powerful post as council chairperson.

The reaction to the audio nonsocial media was one of anger and revulsion. Many people said this what destroyed the country because people are not rising on the basis of merit but favouratism.

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