Asthmatic Vic High student bullied, lands in hosp

•  PED sets up team to investigate


MASVINGO – An asthmatic Form 3 Vic High student was treated at Masvingo Provincial Hospital on Saturday after he was severely assaulted by a group of Upper 6th students who accused him of insulting a girlfriend of one of them.
The matter was confirmed by the boy’s father who declined to be named but reported the case to the school head, John Muzamani who reportedly only said “thank you for alerting us before hanging up”.
The matter was also reported at a Police base in Runyararo West who referred the matter to hospital for a medical report before a docket is opened at Masvingo Central Police Station.
The incident came two days before Masvingo Provincial Education Director (PED), Zedius Chitiga dispatched a delegation of school inspectors to investigate another incident where a Form 6 student poured water on a junior student’s bed.
 “You wrote another negative story last week and this week you want to write more falsehoods. Go ahead and write whatever you want. Next time I won’t give places to Mirror staff who come looking for places for relatives,” said Muzamani.
Chitiga said inspectors went to Vic High School on Monday to start investigations on the bully who poured water another student’s bed which was exposed by The Mirror last week.
The father told The Mirror that his son was assaulted just outside the school gate as he was going home on Friday. The bullies kicked him all over, slapped him in the face and hit him with clenched fists, said the father.
He went home to Victoria Ranch where he complained of severe headache and was taken to hospital on Saturday where no physical injuries were identified. He was treated and discharged but and the matter was reported at a Mucheke Police Base who told the father to use the medical report to open a docket.

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