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Aspiring MP to embark on clean-up at Mucheke bus termini

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Aspiring MP to embark on clean-up at Mucheke bus termini


Garikai Mafirakureva

MASVINGO –Zanu PF Member of Parliament aspirant for Masvingo Urban, James Pande, is going to lead rank marshals during this month’s clean-up campaign at Mucheke bus terminus. The youthful fashion designer and philanthropist told The Mirror that his going to utilize the event to interact with young people and to consult the city council over their grievances.

Pande who is aspiring to contest in the forthcoming 2023 harmonised elections is more concerned with the youths’ standard of living and has opted for a direct interaction with the vulnerable youth. He also said he decided to do a clean-up campaign at Mucheke bus terminus where he is targeting rank marshals, vendors and other participants.

The youthful leader who did his primary at Don Bosco primary school near the bus terminus went on to say he is going to invite city council officials to discuss the youths’ plight and encourage them to reopen the bus terminus in Mucheke.

The terminus has been closed for some time now, and Pande told The Mirror that he has been tasked by the youths to engage the City Council on the reopening of the bus terminus, so that they can operate legally without playing cat and mouse with council police.

“With the rate of crime and drug abuse rife amongst the youths, most of them unemployed-we are trying to give them something to do at the bus termini. As you know there is an adage that says an ‘idle mind is a devil’s workshop’, so we must give the youths something to do.

“I have been working with some councillors in the city to engage rank marshals on the importance of respecting the rights of girls and women and the need to shun rowdy behaviour or shaming travellers, especially women, based on their dressing or physical appearance, and the response has been positive.

Pande also added that he has a direct link with youths operating at New Town Bus Station in South Africa including Chirungu Transporters and said he can organize Masvingo youths to establish a working relationship with them so that they receive and send goods to and from South Africa using the Bus termini as their base.

“I went to Don Bosco primary school so I am well versed with the environs of the Mucheke bus terminus. We have the likes of Cornelius Cargo Tavaruva (Mhunga) who has vast experience in dealing with buses and touts (mahwindi). We will try to rope him in to guide these youngsters and ensure a smooth flow of business at the bus terminus.

“Another point I would like to emphasize is that vendors must not be treated as second class citizens. They are playing a big role in fending for their families. Their concerns must be addressed as well,” Pande added.

He also said council officials should not play cheap politics and sleep on duty as their days are numbered. He warned that if they don’t want to listen to the concerns of young people, the youths will take them head-on. http://mavsingomirror.com


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