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Artificial Intelligence to kill newspapers in a few years- Kahiya

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Artificial Intelligence to kill newspapers in a few years- Kahiya



HARARE – Seasoned journalist, Vincent Kahiya has warned media houses to plan and think ahead because their jobs are soon going to be taken over by artificial intelligence (AI).
He said this at a recent Editors’ Breakfast organised by Tongaat Hulett.
AI is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems.
“There is technology that is going to hurt the Media in a big way. Artificial Intelligence is here and some of you will be out of work. We need to start having conversations about how it is going to impact your newspaper.
“One and half years ago I did a project in East Africa, by the time we left, 40 percent of feature stories were being produced by Artificial Intelligence, most of the background is done by AI,” he said.
He said in global instances, a newspaper is 40 percent edited by technology. Hundreds of members of staff mainly journalists are losing jobs and being replaced by 20/21 year old technicians who ensure that AI is working. As a result, editors are no longer required as newspapers are 40% edited by AI.
“Our profession has been changing. When we talk about the future of media in this country, people think about digital. That’s not good enough. The conversations we need to have should do with; what we are doing with technology.
“In this country, we have not started to look at the future that is coming, we are defensive, in denial and we think it’s not going to happen. What I have seen, in our quest to defend legacy, we have lost money on the table. Until we start to realise the problems that we are having at the moment, which is of the media not talking about things that are very critical to itself as a constituency, we are going to be left behind,” he added.
He said the days where media spaces are protected through legislation are coming to an end.

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