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Appeal for heart problem baby 6 months

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Appeal for heart problem baby 6 months




ZAKA – A Zaka woman is making an urgent appeal for US$350 to get her six months-old baby with a heart enlargement problem (congenital heart defect) corrected.

Margret Matifadza (36) of Kare Village under Chief Nyakunhuwa in Zaka says her child Cliff Mafadza has severe breathing problems, suffers exhaustion while feeding, sweats a lot and is showing signs of retarded growth.

Health experts at Msiso Mission Hospital in Zaka told her on March 7, 2022 that the child needed an urgent echocardiogram.

“I became worried in March when my son started acting in an unusual way; breaking into sweat, crying while feeding, difficult breathing, exhaustion while feeding, as well as retarded growth.

“I will not rest until my child lives a normal life.

“It has been a difficult month for me. I have no peace of mind but I know generous Zimbabweans out there will help Cliff return to normal life,” she said.

The money is US$300 for echocardiogram, US$15 for Enalapril medicine per month to manage child’s health while waiting to consult by a cardiologist.

The amount excludes travel, food and accommodation costs for the parent who survives on subsistence farming and bears no capacity to raise the money on her own.

“I tried consulting my sister and sister-in-law the only surviving relatives I have to no avail as they have no source incomes,”

An enlarged heart is not a condition or a heart defect by itself, but, a sign or a symptom of a heart defect. Some babies get diagnosed with an enlarged heart, which, when abnormal, is most likely due to an underlying congenital heart defect, such as a hole in the heart, a problem with the valves of the heart, problems with the big vessels like pulmonary artery and aorta or hypertension.

Well-wisher can send ecocash or contact Mafadza on 0782010544.https://masvingomirror.com


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