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Apostolic sects pledge 2,3m votes to Zanu PF

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Apostolic sects pledge 2,3m votes to Zanu PF


CONTROVERSIAL Vapostori4ED leader Moses Gwasira has pledged to mobilise 2,3 million votes for Zanu PF in general elections slated for later this year.
Addressing members of the Mugodhi Apostolic Faith Church (MAFC) at a Passover gathering in Dorowa, Manicaland province, over the weekend, Gwasira said they have since mobilised sect members to register to vote.

Zanu PF is targeting five million votes for President Emmerson Mnangagwa in the elections.
“As vapostori, we are going to contribute at least 2,3 million votes to Zanu PF and President Emmerson Mnangagwa in the looming elections. We have the numbers, and I am happy that our members are registered voters,” he said.
Vapostori4ED, is one of Zanu PF’s affiliates that are currently mobilising support for Mnangagwa ahead of the harmonised elections.

The affiliate has, however, quoted the ire of several activists who believe religious sects should not participate in political activities.
Meanwhile, the MAFC says it has joined the fight against drug and substance abuse.
MAFC leader Tony Sigauke said they were equally concerned about drug and substance abuse. Newsday.

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