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Anti-corruption team reviews strategy


Anti-corruption team reviews strategy


The national anti-corruption strategy steering committee chaired by Zimbabwe Anti- Corruption Commission (ZACC) chair Justice Loice Matanda-Moyo, yesterday met to review the implementation of the strategy launched two years ago.

The 33-member committee includes Government ministers, heads of law enforcement agencies, Parliament, the office of the President and Cabinet, business leaders, religious leaders, employers and employees.

The high-powered committee is President Mnangagwa’s initiative to build consensus and ownership in the fight against corruption.

At yesterday’s engagement, there was the signing of integrity pledges by public officials and institutes that they will abide by the Constitution of Zimbabwe and fight against corruption.

Speaking during the meeting, Justice Matanda-Moyo said the major types of corruption so far in Zimbabwe were survival corruption and corruption motivated by greed.

“In order to effectively tackle corruption caused by people intending to survive we need to also consider other options available like job creation so there is need to resuscitate industries, ensuring production and thus creating job opportunities,” she said.

“I am very happy that the private sector is represented and this is practical having the private sector express itself at the dialogue when the Government speaks on what they mean about always creating a good environment for business.”

Justice Matanda-Moyo said it was crucial that as Government they could create an enabling environment.

“There should be a conducive business environment, especially for local business to thrive,” she said.

“They say charity begins at home before foreign direct investment can come to the country. Investors always look at how you treat the local investors, so it is crucial that the Government creates an enabling environment for local business to thrive.”

Justice Matanda-Moyo said the meeting was reviewing implementation of the national anti-corruption strategy by the six sub-committees

“We are hearing what was coming out of those sub-committees so that if there are any policies to be taken then such policies will be taken,” she said.

Justice Matanda-Moyo said the signing of the integrity pledge by members meant they would transact in whatever activities they did transparently “and they are going to be accountable to the people of Zimbabwe so these pledges are a testimony of the willingness and the commitment of the individual who have taken the pledges in the fight against corruption.” Herald

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