Antelope Park business drops 70% due to Covid 19


GWERU – Business at Antelope Park, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Midlands Province has slumped by 70% as international tourist arrivals diminish.
Antelope Park general manager Tracey Beekes confirmed the development in a Press statement with The Mirror and added that the situation was like that for all tourist destinations in the World as people are staying home to avoid contracting Coronavirus.
She said that the company has, in consultation with its workers agreed to avoid shutting down the place completely as has happened with some hotels in Victoria Falls but to keep a few members of staff manning the place until the crisis is over.
Antelope Park has 150 Workers.
“At Antelope Park our bookings have been slashed by over 70% and this figure is growing. The situation is in no way sustainable. With the rapid spread globally of the coronavirus, the entire world has gone into survival mode and many businesses are facing bankruptcy.
“As a business we have agreed with our workers to cut back on all non-critical essential staff and by doing so we will just manage to survive on coronavirus. We will take back our workers once we pass the crisis,” said Beekes in a statement also signed by Evason Phiri from the human resources department.
“Initially workers were told to come to work three days a week. That changed to two weeks at work, two weeks off and now they are saying work is suspended for the next two to three months,” said a source.

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