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Another TV station opened

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Another TV station opened


In its efforts to take everyone aboard, the Second Republic has resolved contradictions that characterised relations between privately-owned media and the Government in the past by taking a transformative stance, which saw the airwaves being opened to new players, Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister, Monica Mutsvangwa said. Speaking at the official launch of 3Ktv, one of the six commercial televisions licensed by the Ministry, through the Broadcasting Services Authority of Zimbabwe in 2020, in Harare, Minister Mutsvangwa said since 2018, the Government and media journey have had a fruitful journey.

“The licensing of six private television stations and other broadcasting offerings over the past few years is ample testimony that the Second Republic, under the astute leadership of His Excellency President ED Mnangagwa, fully embraces the private media, ” said Minister Mutsvangwa. Alive to the crucial role that the broadcasting media plays in shaping public opinion, promoting development, democracy and good governance; which are vital cogs in nation-building, the Government committed to advancing policies which facilitate a high standard of living for all citizens of Zimbabwe.

The Government, the minister said, understands and appreciates that “any progressive society subsists on liberality and plurality of voices, as necessary ingredients of a wholesome and balanced society.” She implored the media to tell the Zimbabwean story without bias; pointing out the country’s challenges and triumphs, saying the Government will remain committed to the growth of the sector.

“The broadcasting media, that includes TV, is key in national development and achieving Vision 2030, which is premised on advancing the political and social wellbeing of the people, ” she said. “As the Government continues to license more players in the broadcasting sphere, we remain optimistic that 3Ktv and others so granted licences, will perform their roles with credibility, objectivity and professionalism.”Herald.

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