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Another tragedy: Vet officer disappears at Chilonga

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Another tragedy: Vet officer disappears at Chilonga


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Mirror Reporter

CHIREDZI – It is one tragedy after another and barely one month after another.

A veterinary officer riding a motorcycle was swept away at Chilonga Bridge in Chiredzi while trying to cross the flooded Runde River at 11am today. The name of the officer is yet to be released.

More than 10 people have been swept away and killed at the bridge this year alone and the latest is a member of the Police Sub Aqua Unit who was swept away while searching for the body of a toddler.

 Chiredzi South Legislator Kalisto Gwanetsa confirmed the incident and said he visited the scene and the man or his body is yet to be found.

Masvingo Police Spokesperson Inspector Kudakwashe Dhewa said he is yet to receive information on the incident. 

Ironically the incident happened while the Deputy Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Clemence Chiduwa was holding an NDS1 meeting in Chiredzi where councillors had begged him to release money to construct a bridge.

During the meeting, Chiredzi Town Council vice chairman, Ropafadzo Makumire pleaded with Chiduwa to disburse funds for the construction of Chilonga Bridge.

“I would like to ask why the Government is not doing anything at Chilonga where people are being swept by the river every week,” said Makumire.

Chiduwa said Government was working flat out on the issue and RTGS$3,6 billion was allocated in the budget for the bridge.

“Everything has been done, at least RTGS$3,6 billion was allocated towards the construction of the bridge. What is left is for the Ministry of Transport to start the procurement process,” said Chiduwa.https://masvingomirror.com

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