Another letter to Mai Huni

Hey, these inheritance matters have reached another level. Vagonhi henyu you have something to share after your dearest members of the family depart from this planet which I know no one will come out of it alive. Iwe unoti Hoth anga sheyeyi iye ari matyayi nyoka hake. Bhurugwa ramweka, pombi yadonha chaiye wekumagum tree hake.
Yes! I am told this Masvingo executor is a fugitive of the law who is bribing everyone for his freedom. This executor was once nabbed in 2016 after he nicked over fifty thousand dollars fivers from the company till. I hear he was stealing the money over the years. However, the case that was being handled at CID fraud squad in Harare has died a natural death. This one I think needs a lot of time. So for the time being. Hoth will tackle it in detail next week.
From Masvingo I drive down to another farming town in the South Eastern town of Masvingo province. Kuzvijete chaiko uko. Some send me with a letter to Mai Huni. Nyangayakanyora nepen yered, yakaiswa muenvlope yered, yakasungungwa neribbon yered. Ndakanzi enda unondipirawo wangu wandinorwarira. Ini ndakati handingasviki ndisina kuivhura. Zvandakaona imomo vamwe vaiti anga atyora chirungu. Asi ini ndakaona sechirungu chekumusangano wechimbokoma.
Yanga yakanzi, “Wadiwa mai Huni ndini Emma ndauya kuzokudzinga mumba nemamonya angu. 2030 ndinenge ndiripo saka there is no need to sprint. I came to throw you out of the house because vision 2030 says no woman shall inherit anything from their husband.
I am told she even went on to say people should ignore the video that is circulating on social media or youtube because she was not serious about it. In the video Emmanuella, the comedian was urging women to report any form of violence perpetrated against them and Hoth was like seriously.
Last weekend, this pompous and rude member of the seminar. Yes, the not so hounarable member is representing Mwenawezizi people in the Seminar. Obviously, she sneaked into the Seminar through proportional representation. Sure zve koimi munoti zvivindi zvavo zvekudzinga umwe mukadzi mumba vakazvihodhepi?
Asi ndozvinoita maquestion marks izvozvo. I mean those who are shaped like question marks especially those who have never visited the hospital with a bulging stomach. Until she twerked for the potty-bellied man from the shake-shake building and got rewarded through the dubious proportional representation or women’s quota, whatever the term they use, Mai Huni was just like any other economic refugee masquerading as a housewife.
Now she wants to grab everything that she believes belongs to her late husband. But your hubby had another wife with two kids, you know that very well. Ehee zvee handiti imi hamuna kumuitira mwana here? Saka orega kukudza dzinza nekuti imi murindhyire here.
You indicate left and turn right. Ko zvegender zvamairopodza tsveee pasi. That’s why the video has just nine views. Hapana angada kuona mashura akadaro iwayo. One thing Hoth knows is that you are not so gifted henyu, physically and facially. Age-wise you are done, body-wise you get no yansh. My sister, who say you fine? Na lie, you no fine at all. At all. You go die O!
Asi the late spook had amassed a lot of wealth wena. Houses, trucks, mines, and farms. So those spooks in cheap nylon suits and cheap sunglasses are not that cheap as we might think right? But you are cheap madam senator. Hiring 15 thugs for a defenceless woman. Asi hamunyari shuwa. Your hubby died less than two months ago and you are already positioning yourself for a large chunk of the cake.
But haisi mhosva yenyu ndozvinoitwa even kuparty kwenyu ikoko yanaPatata naPatati. In any case who cares about women. No one gives a damn about women in that terrorist party? you know our party only recognize those who sing praises.

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