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Ambulance man bashed for flirting with a married woman       

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Ambulance man bashed for flirting with a married woman       


Compliments of the new season my avid readers. I have read several new year resolutions and I couldn’t stop laughing at some of the bucket lists. I have seen that a lot of people are saying ‘I am now a new person’. Chaiii! A new person because the year has just moved from 2022 to 2023? What makes you think people will believe that you have changed?

Tetekera ndikunyepe mhanduwe, you are the same rumour monger that we used to know. The same player hater, the same liar, the same thief, the same prostitute…we used to know in 2022. So why do you think people will see you as a new person. Let me tell you my guy you are you. Iwe chaiye.  

Speaking of remaining the same person through and through, it reminds me of the this other guy who works for an organisation that offers ambulance services. I am sure you know that organisation iya inopfeka zvitsvuku secolour yeparty yaDougie iya. Eheee maiziva wani. Ndiyoyo chaiyo.

Ivo variko here mukoma Dougie Dougie Dougieee. In the next six months we will be seeing dream yemarara ra ra ra ra iya coming true. If you know you know what I mean. Well, story yaDougie is a story for another day. 

As for now let me get into this one. I was minding my business as usual when I bumped into this one. I am told one of the ambulance crew has just proposed love to this lady teacher whose hubby is based in Mzanzi. HOTH is yet to establish if the two were already seeing each other or not, but what I know the ambulance man was chatting with the woman on her phone. 

Let’s call him Dhagie, Dumie or Duggish. I am sure Duggish will fit him quite well because his namesake was thrown out of the presidium because he was also knacking married women. 

Whatever the case, the name is not necessary, but what we all know he always attends emergencies including accidents, maternity cases and even horny women. Ehee zvee ndeve maemergence ka ava. So this time I am told he was trying to attend to one of the emergencies iko kwedu kwaMucheke uko. 

It’s all up to you to say which kind of emergency it was, but what I know it was an emergence chete. Kana azodawo hake kuti yaiva yechakati iro ringe ratovawo drama rakewo iro.

So, this Duggish guy was trying to lure this married woman who is a teacher. I heard she stays muna Smart tavakusvika pa turnoff yekuzvigayo apo. Ehee paya pamba pane Durex paya. Yes, ndipapo chaipo wena. 

So the mistake this guy made was to take that woman’s house as a rendezvous. It never crossed his mind that the South African based hubby might be around for festive holidays. I heard he started chatting asking where they can meet and the conversation went quite well. Little did he know that he was chatting with the husband.

He was told to freely come home because there was no one. My brother; “Rule number one never visit a woman you are cheating with at her place.” I think this advice skipped Duggish or maybe he thinks with his d^ck than his brains.  I heard he was given the time to come and without fail he popped up and was let into the yard before the gate was locked.

If HOTH says he was beaten that would be an understatement. He was thrashed. Kuita zvekutsiwa chaiko. One thing I know if you see a man soiling his trousers that is when you know kuti anzwa. Hanzi dosi rakazara mabhurukwa ese awa. Murume aka punzumurwa iyeye. 

Unfortunately, there was no one to call the ambulance for him. Vakadhandaradzwa havo mkoma avo. I was not there hangu but I feel the experience was so bad. Hanzi neumwe ukaona munhu oita ndove anenge ava padhuze nekufa just like mombe yauraiwa inoita ndove before the last kicks. 

As HOTH you know I just say it as it is. So, don’t shoot the messenger because he brought bad news. Kutuka nekudhisa HOTH nhai? Manje life yaHOTH inoumbwa nemanegatives. Well, that reminds me of the raging debate pamusoro peGaffa. Pane varikurwadziwa naro but harisi kumira zvaro. That is a debate for another day. Anyway, until next week vaya con dios que le vaya bien!  

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