Alheight teachers charging US$10 a week for Whatsapp lessons

By Patience Raibo
Gutu – Some teachers at Alheight Chimombe High School in Gutu have started a parallel lesson system by establishing Whatsaap groups where they charge pupils RTGS$100 or US$1 per subject per week.
A Mirror reporter entered into one such group and witnessed the transactions that went on in there.
Parents who talked to The Mirror said that they were never consulted and they described the arrangement as daylight robbery. Pupils who do 10 subjects and they are in the majority are forking out $10 per week.
The Mirror is in possession of an excel sheet that has the list of teachers who are involved in the illegal lessons. The pupils are registered in one large group per each Form and they pay nothing to be in this group. It is in this group that parents produce proof that they paid the required US$1 and then their children are forwarded to the actual groups where the lessons are conducted.
Alheight High head Bernard Tagutanazvo expressed surpise that there were such groups in the school. He said that the groups have nothing to do with Alheight or the Ministry of Education.
He said he was in the process of applying for permission to do e-learning from the Ministry.
“This is broad daylight robbery and most parents cannot afford this. All that money goes into a teacher’s pocket and the same teachers get salaries from Government. The teachers just came together and imposed us on us. This is lawlessness,” said olivia Chimwanga, a parent.
A number of parents said that one Rambanepasi, a teacher in the school was in the forefront of the initiative.
Gutu District Schools Inspector, Ronald Muganhu said he was not aware of the arrangement. He said that there were only three schools in the district that had applied for e-learning and their applications were approved.
He described WhatsApp groups as street platforms.
The school head,Mr Tagutanazvo said he was surprised to hear about the WhatsApp platforms.He said the school has already applied for virtual learning and it has been approved.What is being done by the teachers it has nothing to do with the school or the ministry. The school oblidge with government regulations.

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