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Albino sex worker, an instant hit in Masvingo

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Albino sex worker, an instant hit in Masvingo


Hello, everyone. Yours truly has taken a short sabbatical to reboot the mass of nerve tissue in the anterior end of an organism that integrates sensory information and directs motor responses in higher vertebrates which is also the centre of learning, or simply put-he was rebooting the brain.
When I took time off I attended bible lessons. Now you are laughing I can see, but guys here is the thing you should turn to God and stop gossiping about people who are minding their own business. I have made my own covenant with the Almighty that I will never again chit-chat about any of his living creatures especially those that resides in Masvingo and its environs.

So, as a born again and a religious man, HOTH will take you through a religious story which has an interesting analogy, and I am going to tell the story of Esther which is found in the Bible. It begins when King Ahasuerus (Xerxes), the son of Darius I (Ezra 4:24; 5:5–7; 6:1–15; Daniel 6:1, 25; Haggai 1:15; 2:10) made a feast for all the officials of Persia and Media and displayed the glory of his rule for 180 days (Esther 1:1-4).
Esther lived in ancient Persia about 100 years after the Babylonian captivity. Her Hebrew name was Haddassah, which means “myrtle.” When Esther’s parents died, the orphaned child was adopted and raised by her older cousin Mordecai.

One day the king of the Persian Empire, Xerxes 1, threw a lavish party. On the final day of the festivities, he called for his queen, Vashti, eager to flaunt her beauty to his guests. But the queen refused to appear before Xerxes. Filled with anger, he deposed Queen Vashti, and removed her from his presence forever.
To find his new queen, Xerxes hosted a royal beauty pageant and Esther was chosen for the throne. Her cousin Mordecai became a minor official in the Persian government of Susa.

Believe you me there is something in biblical names. Be it Moses, Esther, David or so. You know how the Egyptians were terrorised by a Nigerian named Moses during the ongoing AFCON safari. Salah akasara.
Ndivavo vakomana vekwedu! ndivavo vakomana vekwedu vanotamba. Kana ndikadai kana ndikadai zvashamisa!!! Singing hangu kkkk. For sure kana vakadai kana vakadai zvinobva zvashamisa. So as the warriors we might not be faring well at that same tournament, but we have our area of speciality.

HOTH was not surprised that people in Masvingo are flocking the old suburb of Mucheke to meet our very own Esther, because that’s our area of speciality. Ko hatisariri zve isu maZimba. I am reliably informed that Esther is a trade name. I am humbled by the choice of her trade name.
The Esther I am talking of here matches our Esther in the bible in all aspects. Although her skin has a deficiency in melanin, and is a commercial sex worker; she has striking and outstanding features which have left dark-skinned woman drooling with envy. Those who stay or have visited Mucheke will definitely agree me.

Everything on her is in its rightful position, size, height, quantity and her skin has no blemish. She has a middle height, with a slightly small waist and protruding but inviting curves. If she is in the club her skin colour will be in complete contrast with the darkness.
HOTH is reliably told that top businessmen, cricket players, building contractors, members of the judiciary, car dealers and members of the fourth estate are visiting Queen Esther of Mucheke.

The queen is in total control of the commercial sex business that a certain businessman is applying for papers to personalise her. I heard akuda kutora snooker yemubhawa kunotamba ega kumba kwake.
Someone recently whispered in HOTH’s ears that the businessman has bought her a Bavarian assembled car. Hanzi she is pushing a Merc. I don’t know how far true it is. I will definitely double check and give you the feed back.

Asi zvekupersonaliser zviri safe here izvi? I heard another businessman could have none of it akatobhuka cage match with the errant businessman for being selfish. Mukandinyengerera ndokuudzai zita rake kana kuti mukatenga I will tell you. Well, until we meet again have a nice time.
I am out of here. ADIOS

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