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Agric 24 takes Zvishavane through a poultry farming seminar

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Agric 24 takes Zvishavane through a poultry farming seminar


Sydney Ncube

ZVISHAVANE- Agric 24 and Fivet conducted a poultry farming seminar for farmers in Zvishavane, on Friday last week on how to improve financial rewards in winter.
The seminar was held at a local hotel. The presentations came from experts that included Fivet Masvingo branch supervisor Lincoln Chingundu and poultry consultant Tinago Mirira. Over 30 large and small-scale farmers attended the workshop. 

Agric 24 agronomist David Vhunzai said the seminar was necessary to educate poultry farmers on the best farming methods, particularly in winter when chicks die because of weather changes. 
“Our role as poultry suppliers is not only to make a profit but educate and ensure that poultry farmers know the best practices for their poultry. We have many reports of poultry dying in unprecedented numbers in winter, so we are here to educate them on the best farming practices,” said Vhunzai.

Poultry consultant Mirira popularly known as Dr Hen said it is important for farmers to read and keep abreast with developments, feeds, diseases and breed management.
“Thermometers are important in poultry farming, particularly in winter. Farmers should avoid fluctuating temperatures above 20 Degrees Celsius. Farmers should also know that when chicks chirp loudly and huddle, it shows they are feeling cold.
“Seminars are crucial since they cover housing, feeds, diseases and breed management. We urge farmers to follow the tips we teach and read to get a better yield. Poultry farmers face problems of diseases, stunted growth and temperature issues. This can only be solved if they research or join farmer WhatsApp groups where they exchange data,” said Mirira.

Chigundu told the workshop that farmers should ensure that their fowl runs are always clean and free of germs to avoid diseases.
“Fowl runs should always be kept clean to avoid ticks, fowl cholera, Newcastle and colibacillosis and other diseases. We advise farmers to call their local veterinary officers or our Fivet laboratory if they have challenges with any disease,” said Chingundu. 

Edmore Mutemeri, a small-scale farmer at Subdivision Farm Woodlands in Zvishavane said the seminars are crucial for farmers because they help them gain practical skills.
“These seminars are important because we are getting knowledge about poultry farming. I have learned about disinfection and the chemicals that a poultry farmer must always keep virotech and paragon,” said Mutemeri.https://masvingomirror.com

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