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A woman is human


A woman is human


By Sekuru Taurai

They say we are currently in the month of women, being in March as we are and recently we celebrated the International Women’s Day. Why not? Women definitely need to be celebrated. Tell me, who on earth is not born of a woman? Even Jesus Christ the Son of God did not just drop from the sky. He could have, but he was born of a woman called Mary. So people, you men and women, let us all celebrate women, every woman.
What I want to say here is that while it is good enough to have a month and a day for women, we should not wait for these times to come so that we can celebrate them. Women celebration should be a daily occurrence. Now celebration has connotations of peace, joy and happiness. This means kufara chete every day nevanhukadzi. So tell me where then does gender based violence come from? Where is the oppression and abuse of women come from? Why do men see women as inferior, the very people who carried them in their wombs for nine months and brought them into this world? This is the same woman who after bearing painful birth pangs will go on to care for the baby until adulthood. She would rather die than see her children suffer, giving everything to them, male or female and feeling even for children that are not her own. How come a man will do almost anything for a woman he loves during courtship but does not hesitate to slap her after marriage? I have said this before, I am saying it now and I will say it again as long as men continue to ill-treat women; men let’s respect and love women, every woman. They are our mothers, sisters, relatives, wives, neighbours, co-workers and fellow citizens. They are human beings just like us. So why treat them so harshly and unfairly? Come on men, what is so special about a man and so horrible about a woman that he has to treat a woman so badly? Answer me.

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